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5 Sensible Reasons For Hiring A Car In Auckland

Renting a car in Auckland has never been easier and there are many advantages to renting, when you compare it to taking your own car, or using taxi’s, when you arrive at your destination. Many people think that renting a car is really expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth, and the longer you rent it, the cheaper it becomes. Let’s look at some of the many advantages of renting a car in the Auckland area.

1.       No Maintenance - Renting a car is very cost effective because you don’t have to take care of the maintenance. For your own car, yes, it is a necessary requirement but with a rental, it is all done for you. The car is serviced at regular intervals and driving a rental car feels like driving a new one, but without that new car smell. The only thing you need to worry about, is putting the necessary fuel in the car and driving carefully. After that, it is not your problem and nor should it be.

2.       Test Drive – Another added advantage about rental cars in Auckland,is that you get to choose from a wide range of cars. This is your one chance, to get to drive the car that you can’t afford, but would really love to test drive just once. Top of the line cars from Mercedes and BMW are available, as well as SUV’s and people carriers. They have everything to suit all pockets and tastes. If an automatic transmission is what you want, then these are available as well.

3.       Rewards - Some people only need their rental car for a day or at the most, for a few days, but the longer you rent a vehicle, the cheaper it gets. All companies have a point, where if you rent over a certain period of time, then you will qualify for certain discounts and promotions. Some rental companies offer a reward program where you rent your cars only from them, and this puts you in afavourable situation, where you may be able to set up terms of rental, just for yourself.

4.       Drop Off – Pick Up. Most companies will allow you to rent from one rental dealer and drop the car off at another sister dealer elsewhere. This is great, because you don’t have to return to the original location you rented it from. Even better, some car rental companies will actually deliver the car to your business or home, and will also come and pick it up, when you are finished with it. This allows you more time to conduct your business or leave earlier for your vacation, without having to come into the city.

5.       Better Fuel Economy - Depending on the type of vehicle you rent, you should be able to save money on fuel charges. All of these rental cars are serviced on a regular basis and so they run like new cars. Less wear on the engine, means better fuel economy, when you compare it to taking your own car, that just wouldn’t be serviced as often. Cars are available in petrol, diesel, hybrid and sometimes electrical, all the while saving you money on fuel charges.

Renting a car has never been easier or cheaper. Take a look at what your rental car dealership can offer you today. You will be glad you did.
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