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Why is it better to Purchase Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

The online medium is trending nowadays. Whatever you want to buy, you can buy online. Why take the pains to visit a shop when the shop comes right to your doorsteps? Groceries, apparels, electronic gadgets and even financial services can be bought online. So, if you are looking to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy or your policy is up for renewals, go online. You can find the different plans, choose one, make the premium payment and your policy would be bought, everything from the comfort of your home or office. How easy can it be?

Despite the availability of online two-wheeler insurance plans, many people still prefer to buy through the age-old offline method. If you are one among them, it’s time to change. If, on the other hand, you prefer the online medium, educate others who hesitate. If you need reasons, here is why buying a two-wheeler policy online is a better idea –

·         You can find all available plans at one place

Do you know how many insurance companies are there in the market offering a two-wheeler insurance plan? More than two dozen! Can you find all available plans offline? Even if you do you would have to visit every insurance company’s office to understand the plan details. Who has so much time? The online platform shows you all available plans at one place. Isn’t it convenient?

·         You can compare before you buy

When it comes to coverage features, a major part of it is same among all plans. However, there are other value-added features which separate the different two-wheeler insurance plans. For instance, there are few plans which allow you coverage for up to 3 years thereby cutting down on the hassles of online renewals. Others give you free inbuilt roadside assistance benefit which is, generally, offered as an add-on at an additional premium. Since the online medium lists all the plans at one place, you can compare the coverage features and get the best and all-inclusive plan.

·         You get the lowest premium rates too

Not only the coverage features, but you can get the best premium rate too. Different insurance companies price their two-wheeler insurance policies differently. You can find this price difference only when you compare online as all plans can be seen in the same place. You can, therefore, save money when you buy online. However, you should be careful when comparing premium rates too. The rates should be compared against the coverage features. Don’t compromise on the coverage just because you are getting a low premium.

·         You can select a suitable IDV for your bike

IDV is Insured Declared Value which is the value of your bike after deducting depreciation. In your two-wheeler insurance policy the IDV represents the maximum coverage offered by the insurance company. If your bike is stolen or if  suffers a total loss, you will get the IDV amount mentioned in the policy document as claim settlement. So, it is always advised to choose the appropriateIDV to maximize your coverage value. Since different insurers fix the IDV differently, you can compare the different values and find the plan which offers the correct IDV which will be close to the current market price of your two wheeler.

·         You can even get discounts

Yes, it is true. Two-wheeler insurance plans offer discounts. Though these discounts are available offline too, you can get higher discounts when you buy online. Insurance companies offer different types of discounts which can be found online. Highest discounts can only be earned online and the discounts vary across insurers. While one might allow you a 10% discount, other might go as high as 20%. Moreover, there is also a discount for buying the policy online and for a longer term. So, search for these discounts and reduce your premium payable when you buy online.

All said and done, these reasons emphasise why the online medium is the best way to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. If you are concerned about internet frauds and thefts, you can relax. Leading aggregators and online brokers promise you safety for your transactions. If you choose reputed websites to purchase your two wheeler insurance policy you wouldn’t have to worry about safety. So, ditch your hesitations and go online and experience the amazing benefits first hand
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