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Everything You Need to Know About Lombok Islands

Lombok is a part of Indonesia that’s usually overlooked in favor of the much more famous Bali. However, Lombok is the place to go if you like off the beaten path vacations, amazing scenery, and interesting culture. With that said, Lombok, the main island, is far from empty – the island is home to over 3 million people – although it’s surrounded by a number of smaller islets, most of which aren’t occupied. What does this mean? It means that you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds in Lombok. You can spend days exploring open spaces and untouched scenic places, and others perusing the villages and cities that exist on the main island. There’s no shortage of things to do. Here are a few suggestions.

Spend Some Time in Mataram

This is the main city on Lombok. It’s the home of the island chain’s main government and has an airport, a seaport, and all of the trappings of a modern city. Things to do in Mataram include visiting the Mayura Garden, which was constructed in 1744. It’s a water palace that has seen some interesting battles over the centuries – the most recent of which took place in 1894 between the Balinese and the Dutch.

There’s also a museum, called the Museum of West Nusa Tenggara, which holds a number of interesting artifacts belonging to the Sasak people, the indigenous group that still makes up the majority of people in Mataram. Don’t forget to stop at the Narmada Park which houses a unique mixture of a Hindu temple, a swimming pool, and a supposed fountain of youth. Last but not least is the Old Town area, which contains some unique architecture. It’s a fun neighborhood to wander.

If scenery is more your thing, spend some time visiting Mount Rinjani. It’s an active volcano that’s the second highest peak in Indonesia. Although you clearly don’t want to visit the mountain while it’s erupting, if you go there during the off-times, you’ll be treated to a view of Lake SegaraAnak, a volcanic crater that has filled with water over the centuries. It’s around 170 square miles around, and at its deepest point is 750 feet deep. Since the water is heated by magma (it runs between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), it would be comfortable to swim in, but this isn’t recommended, as the area is protected and hot gas still bubbles up from the lake bed.

Stay At One of the Resorts in the Gili Islands

There are three Gili Islands: Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Gili Trawangan, all of which make up the northernmost section of the overall Lombok Islands. Of the three islands, only one has a series of small resorts on them – Gili Trawangan – making it a great place to stay while visiting the areas. If you dislike the idea of anything touristy, these small resorts won’t disappoint you, as they are indeed rather tiny. They consist of huts made of natural materials that blend into the beach-filled landscape. The “resorts” do have swimming pools and restaurants, but for the most part, they aren’t the glitz-filled resorts that you’ll find on Bali.

You won’t find any cars on the Gili Islands. There are local ordinances in place that prohibit the use of them, in order to avoid harming the diverse ecosystems found on the islands. Instead, travel takes place in horse-drawn carriages, by bicycle, or on foot. In fact, you can rent a bicycle in the small town ofTrawangan, and proceed to explore the area in that manner. The other two islands – Meno and Air – are mostly unoccupied, with populations of 500 and 1,800 respectively. Gili Meno houses a coconut plantation, a salt-producing arid lake, and a turtle sanctuary. You can get to it and Gili Air by boat from the largest of the islands. Gili Air is known for its outdoor activities, such as kite surfing, paddle boarding, and scuba diving.

The Other Small Islands

In all, there are around 20 other islets in the Lombok chain. While most of these other islands are inhabited, they lack any kind of tourist structure. This means that a visit to one of them will open you up to Lombok, Indonesian society, as well as amazing scenery, such as the pristine beaches and scenic vistas. You might find yourself relaxing on a deserted beach. Now that’s a vacation!

The Lombok Islands, which are officially called the Lombok Strait of the Lesser Sunda Islands, are a series of over 20 islets in Indonesia. Although they are not as well known as Bali, that may be a good thing for people who want to get off of the beaten path. The islands have one city, another small town, and plenty of fun activities for everyone, whether you want to lie on the beach or visit museums.

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