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A Detailed Look at a Mini Recreational Vehicle

If you and your family are thinking of trying out a self-driving holiday in the USA, you wouldn’t be alone in choosing such an adventurous experience, and such is the comfort level one can enjoy while living in one’s transport, that campervan holidays have become popular the world over. The modern campervan, or motorhome, as it is also known, offers the traveller all the luxuries of home, and with that in mind, here are just some of the comforts you can expect to enjoy when you rent a mini RV.

   A Mini RV Sleeps 4 Adults – Yes, it is true! If you rent an RV in the USA, it will have two double beds, one inside the vehicle and another that uses a roof conversion, which literally allows you to sleep under the stars. Ideal if you plan on stopping in the Rocky Mountains or Nevada Desert. Each person can rent an additional bedding set, which includes sheets, pillows and quilts to complete the bedding requirements.

   Fully Functional Kitchen – This is something you would expect in a big Winnebago, yet even the minivan RV camper has a fully functional kitchen with twin burners, a sink, a fridge and a 20-litre water tank. The kitchen can be accessed from the rear of the vehicle, and once you have stocked up with provisions, you are completely independent and can go where you please, and stay a few days if you wish. Camper rentals offer the tourist an unprecedented level of freedom and with the vast expanses of America to explore, it is the ideal way to see and experience the wonders on this spacious nation.

   Interior Dining Area – The main double bed, when packed away, becomes the dining area where four people can comfortably sit and enjoy a home cooked meal. You can also set up a dining area outside, and with folding table and chairs, you can enjoy the spectacular views that only America has to offer. “Where would I find RV rental near me?” I hear you say, well actually, an online search is the best way to make your vehicle booking.

   Climate Control – Heating and air-conditioning is standard, and with twin heavy duty batteries, you can park anywhere overnight and have sufficient power. Of course, in a camping site, you can simply hook up to their mains, which will then power your unit. It can get quite chilly in the night and with heating, you will always be warm and comfortable at nights. When thinking of RV rentals, it is important to book well in advance, especially if you plan on going in the summer.

   Waste Water Facilities – Aside from the 20-litre drinking water tank, the vehicle also has a 25-litre waste water tank, which is very convenient. There is also bags of storage space for your personal possessions, and with many years of effort that has resulted in the modern RV design, everything fits snugly into the vehicle, which is no bigger than a family car. If you want to rent a camper, all it takes is an online search, and with an early booking, you can often secure a discounted price.

There are also many extras you can hire, and with nationwide support from an established rental company, you, your family, and that mini RV can have the holiday of a lifetime in the USA.
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