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6 Reasons Why Koh Lanta Should Be On Your Bucket List for 2018

Thailand’s Koh Lanta district is a part of the Krabi Province. Koh Lanta consists of five sub districts, as well as 19 separate smaller islands. It’s known for being one of the oldest inhabit sections of Thailand, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Now, it’s a great place to visit, thanks to its many things to do, some of which are completely unique to the area.

1) The largest of the islands in the Koh Lanta district has a whopping nine beaches.

Yes, you read that right – nine beaches filled with pristine sand that face sparkling clear water. If you’re traveling to Thailand to relax, then you’ll be in the right place. Plus, this is just one of the islands. Koh Lanta has 19 of them, which more than quadruples the number of waterfront beach spots. Some are remote, so you’ll have to bring your blanket and be prepared to serve yourself drinks – after all, this isn’t a fancy resort – but isn’t that the entire point of a Koh Lanta getaway? To be alone with your thoughts in a majestic area?

2) The Sea Gypsy Village is unlike anything else on Earth.

While in some places the word “gypsy” has negative connotations, in Koh Lanta, it’s quite different. The sea gypsies of Koh Lanta have their own beachfront village consisting of unique structures built on stilts right over the water. You won’t find much interaction between them and other residents, but you can marvel at their architecture and ask them about their own rituals and spiritual beliefs. The sea gypsies also speak their own language and live as they have for hundreds of years.

3) The local cuisine is an interesting – and tasty – melding of various cultures.

While you will find Pad Thai, a traditional dish known the world over for its melding of fish sauce and other flavors in Koh Lanta, you’re better off with one of the fusion dishes. No, there aren’t trendy “fusion” dishes of the types found in the U.S. Instead, they’ve naturally fused over time, as the meals take parts of Indian, Malay, Indonesian, and even Thai food and melded them into something that you just won’t find anywhere else. You definitely want to try to stir fried Spotted Babylon (a type of tree snail) and look for meals centered on either the Wing Shell or Dog Conch fish. These are two local delicacies.

4) One of the Khao Mai Kaew Caves has its own pool.

The Khao Mai Kaew Caves are located in the center of one of the Koh Lanta islands. The cave system goes underground for hundreds of miles, and parts of it are so huge that an average-sized human can traverse them standing up. The rock formations are the big draw here, as over time the stalactites and stalagmites have grown to be dozens of feet long. On top of that, the main sections of the cave have rock formations that few people have ever seen. One section of it even has a large underground pool that has formed over thousands of years. The caves are part of a national park, so you’ll need a tour guide to see them.

5) The arts scene is worth taking in.

When most people plan to visit Thailand, they think of beaches, palm trees, and clear water – not traditional Indian-style shadow plays or Manora, a type of Thai dance performance. These are just two examples of the arts culture located in Koh Lanta. You’ll also find folk dancing known as rongngeng, which has been adapted from the Portuguese, and Likae Pa, a storytelling play set to music. If you happen to be in Koh Lanta during one of their yearly traditional festival periods, you’ll be able to see much more of their culture at work.

6) There are plenty of outdoor sporting opportunities to enjoy.

Do you like kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling? Then you’re in the right place. Koh Lanta offers all of these and more. You can take a traditional Thai boxing class, spend some time taking a stand up paddle boarding tour, and even take an elephant ride (yes, you read that right) through KoLanta National Park. There is no shortage of outdoor fun to be had in the area. The best part is that each island and sub district has something different to offer. You could spend days there and still not take part in the same activity twice.

Here are six reasons to visit the Koh Lanta area of Krabi, Thailand. There are many more that you’ll discover when you get here. From the beautiful landscapes to the activities, the food, and the culture, Koh Lanta is truly a great place to vacation. 

This guest article is a work of John Smith promoting Phuket Ferry.
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