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Top 3 un-discussed facts about TajMahal Agra Tour

There are thousands of travellers come to India every month and they want to see amazing structural design of TajMahal.

They come to India for visiting and enjoying the TajMahal but they don’t know how to watch it in different way.

There are many sayings and recommendation by top travel bloggers but no one knows the hidden facts about this beautiful monument and its qualities.

1 – TajMahal looks more beautiful in morning

Most of the travellers who come to India come for same day Agra tour but no one knows which is the right Time to see it.

Most of them come to Agra by car and see it in after noon time and go back return till evening, but I want to tell them this is wrong method of watching this.

If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of this place then you should come in evening time and should watch it two times.

·         First time is full moon night time.

·         Second time is watching TajMahal in sunrise tour time.

If you watch TajMahal in morning time then you will see there are beautiful rays come over to it.

2 –Not doing Agra city Tour

Friends Agra is the city of quality architecture not only this century but from last 500 years. And people see only TajMahal, I want to suggest them to see some other most beautiful things like handicrafts markets.

Same type of architect are regularly working on making beautiful gifts like Marble table and many another things also.

There are many other small places to see like Soamibagh Temple, Akbar Romb, Mariam Tomb also which are rarely seen by tourists, but I would like to suggest them to do more focus seriously on these places to while they are visiting Agra.

3 – Avoiding nearby Places of Agra

There are many other beautiful places which you can also look at them while your Agra tour. There is famous trip of Mathura Vrindavan tour also which you can book by any travel agency also.

We have to book Golden triangle with Mathura vrindavan tour also then we can actually see the most beautiful places of India.

Mathura and Virndavan are two most popular religious places of northern India and we can enjoy the beauty of it by hiring some good car rental services also. Thanks.
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