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5 Indian Cities That Offer Best Connectivity to the Rest of the Country

Regardless of the city, you are living in, the expectations to have proper infrastructure and connectivity never seems to end. But, there are a handful of Indian cities that can be nominated as best when it comes to connectivity. Here is the list of top 5 such Indian cities. Have a look.

Whether you want to visit a particular city to spend your holidays or you want to purchase a house there, out of all the things, connectivity is one such aspect that should be thoroughly assessed. Without proper connectivity to other nearby cities, it will be nothing but a nightmare to travel.

So, in such a scenario, be it air connectivity or rail & road connectivity, these top 5 Indian cities beat the rest of them very efficiently. Let’s know more about them.

1.       Mumbai:

This city of dreams is perfect in every sense. Be it the lifestyle of people, infrastructure, or the connectivity within; everything is quite precise. Mumbai not only has the new metro but also monorails, local trains and buses, rickshaws, and cabs. And when it comes to connectivity to other cities, Mumbai tops the list. With smooth highways to cities like Ahmedabad and abundance of flights from Mumbai to Delhi or any other major city, you are always just a few hours away from your destination. And with the Bullet Train announced on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, it is only going to get better.

2.       New Delhi:

The capital of India also has good connectivity within the city. The fully air-conditioned Delhi metro alone covers 400+ km, making it the largest metro networking. Apart from this, the road network in Delhi is quite hassle-free as well. DTC buses make it further easier for people to travel across the city. And then, when it comes to travelling out of the city, the Terminal 1 and the humungous T3 airport helps in flying out lacs of passengers every day to every possible corner of the country. With flights like Indigo airlines, Spicejet, and others flying out 100+ flights every day from the capital, you can reach any corner of the country in just a few hours.

3.       Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is one such city that is connected with several other places, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Kochi, Vijayawada, and Vishakhapatnam. NH-7, NH-9, and NH-202 are the three national highways that pass through Hyderabad. Furthermore, there are rail networks, Telangana State Road transportation corporation, minibuses, metro, Multi-Modal Transport System, and cabs. In the end, there is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to travel to other cities.

4.       Bangalore:

Bangalore is another metropolitan city that has superior connectivity. Right from Bangalore International Airport serving all the major global destinations, railways connecting to the entire country, buses providing connectivity to other parts of Karnataka, to metro and cabs helping people reach anywhere within Bangalore in shorter-period of time, everything is perfect here.

5.       Chennai:

Chennai, the hub of technology, offers different modes of transportation within the city and its suburbs. Being the birthplace of railways, Chennai offers superior rail connectivity to other neighbouring cities. Moreover, there are trams, buses, taxis, autos, metro railways, ports, and airport connectivity as well.

These are the top 5 Indian cities that have superior connectivity within the periphery. With well-acknowledged roads, train stations and airports travelling in between these five cities is a breeze. 
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