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Shahriar Ekbatani- Tips To Take The Best Photographs Outdoors!

When it comes to outdoor photography, you will find that they are simple for you to capture as you do not have to go into your camera settings to use the flash. When you travel, you are prone to take pictures of the places and the scenery you go to. In order to take amazing pictures, you do not have to be a professional. The passion for photography is enough for you to take outdoor photographs that stand out in the crowd.

Shahriar Ekbatani-Understanding the nuances of travel photography

When it comes to travel photography, Shahriar Ekbatani is an individual passionate about this niche in the USA. He says that he loves to take shots of outdoor locales and create exquisite portfolios. The first suggestion he says when you are getting into travel photography is that you should be creative. It is important for you to take in the intimate details of nature and ensure they are used in a creative way. The first thing that you should do when you venture outdoors for photography is have a knowledge of the terrain. Here, you will be able to capture dramatic and iconic features that stand out in the area.
Understand the local terrain well

Along with the local terrain, it is important for you to understand the different light conditions that are available in the region. The science of reflection and light helps you to take amazing shots. Sunrise and sunset are the best times of the day for you to capture mesmerizing shots that stand out from the rest of the photos you take in the morning, evening and afternoon. If you are trying to capture the beauty of plants and flowers, it is important for you to have a knowledge of botany.

Practice will make you perfect

When you are going in for outdoor photography, you must practice daily. You may start off with local subjects so that you can compare and check your performance. He says that when you are on an outdoor shoot, it is important for you to take pictures one after the other and later compare them. In case you are using cameras and lens, ensure that you have a good working knowledge of them. For instance, if you are using a DSLR, ensure that you learn the basics from a photographer so that you make optimal use of your camera without hassles. The last thing that you want while taking a photograph is to fumble to find the right settings of the camera. Knowing your camera is the first step to good photography both indoors and outdoors, he says.

Shahriar Ekbatani says that with regular practice you will become perfect. He suggests that you create and keep a portfolio of the pictures that you have taken so that you can compare them and work on the improvement of your flaws. Outdoor photography is a stress buster and if you are fond of travel, you will find many amazing subjects to shoot and capture in your frame. 
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