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Check Out Famous 7 No-Bake Desserts

The biscuit cake is very easy to prepare, requires very few ingredients and tastes delicious. This is the best option if you have a busy schedule, but you still want to surprise your friends and family. This recipe doesn't need an oven to bake as it can be easily made using pressure cooker or microwave. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to make mouth-watering homemade dessert.

The biscuit cake also becomes a perfect option when you want to serve something sweet but you don’t feel like switching on the oven. It is hard to not to fall in love with these homemade, chocolaty, rich dessert cakes made with crushed biscuits, toasted nuts, and chocolate syrup. Taking in count the time involved in its preparation, the biscuit cake looks quite impressive and tastes delicious too. Being a no bake cake, there is no way that one can go wrong with its preparation. There is no perfect answer for how to make biscuit cake as the recipe can be tweaked based on individual preferences. Variations can be brought into the recipe by adding different flavours like rum, orange zest, dried fruits, and almond extract.

Here are some other no-bake desserts which help you to get away from hassles of the oven and also being absolutely goodness and none of the fuss:

Dark Chocolate Mousse: By using dark chocolate, cocoa powder, coffee and other ingredients it is possible to make no bake dessert, which is delectable and takes only about an hour to prepare.

Fridge cake: This is a dream dessert recipe for all those who have absolutely zero experience in baking. Fridge cake can be made using a pressure cooker and involves simple ingredients like chocolate, sweeteners, butter, and eggs.

Kesari Jalebi: Being one of the most popular desserts in India, these are tasty like crazy, while their preparation is also pretty easy. Made with refined maida flour, Kesari Jalebi has been an inseparable part of Indian dessert list for a long time.

Cherry Cheesecake: Although this recipe takes a lot of time to set, the wait is just worth it. This involves the use of biscuits, butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and others and tastes absolutely luscious.

Cherry Tart: ‘No bake’ desserts always means ‘no’ fuss. No bake cherry tart is easy to prepare and the only downfall is that you need to wait for the crust to firm up. There’s no way to get enough of this mouth-watering recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars: The combination of chocolate with peanut butter just works so well and this is totally addictive. A bit of sweet, chocolaty, nutty, salty flavoured recipe can be prepared in about 20 minutes and doesn’t require an oven to bake.

Oreo Cheesecake: This simple recipe uses the most loved Oreos. Although it takes only about 30 minutes to prepare, the hardest part is the wait for it to set. 
Though ready-made cakes are easily available in the market, nothing beats the fresh one baked at home. Moreover, no bake cakes are perfect desserts in summer. The simple ingredients involved in these no bake cakes are a breeze to work around and delicious desserts at home cannot get any easier.
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