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8 Surreal Sunset Spots Around the World

As daylight fades into twilight, the serene hour of sunset in between, enchants onlookers with warm colours and romantic moments. The fleeting hues of the sky - amber, crimson, pomegranate red, blazing yellow, gold, scarlet, amethyst - transcends us into a different world. Watching the sun set on a day is like falling in love at first sight - it leaves you speechless and if only for a minute, it slows down time. An aura of gratitude befalls with Mother Nature’s promise of another new day. There is a realization that tomorrow is beaming on the horizon and endless possibilities of the next day excites the soul.

Whether you witness the setting sun on a driveway, on a beach, from a mountain top, from your home or from an airplane, the cotton-candy clouds, silver linings and beauteous streaks of the sunset never fails to inspire awe. We bring to you a list of the most breathtaking sunsets around the world that you must experience, at least once in a lifetime.

The Taj Mahal, India

The white-marbled mausoleum transforms into a mesmeric spectacle with the sun setting behind it. This hour makes you feel nostalgic of the eternal love story remnant behind its walls. 

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Brace yourself for splendid sights of the sunset aboard the GornergratBahn( a luxurious train) zig-zagging through the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. The train takes you to a vantage point that can be best described as fairytale-like. To visit Switzerland, book cheap flight tickets to New Delhi and take a direct or connecting flight to Geneva or Zurich. From there, take a train or drive by car to Zermatt.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Trotternish Ridge in the Isle of Skye is where you can get picture-perfect views of the setting sun. The vast open skies of the Scottish Highlands make the sunset even more captivating.

California, USA

The Californian sunset is world renowned. Witness its glory in a purplish haze at the Santa Monica pier or catch the last sunrays at the beautiful Pfeiffer Beach.

Santorini, Greece

From the white-washed township of Oia, the vivid views of the setting sun is a mesmerizing affair. Watch the glory of the sun dance in ripples on the blissful Aegean Sea and lose your breath many times over.

Lofoten, Norway

So, the sun never sets in this magical land between the months of May and July, but the views of the glaring sun and its shifting colours all-day, everyday, is a sight for sore eyes.

Uluru, Australia

Gaze up at the massive sandstone structure, Ayers Rock in Uluru and watch the chameleonic change of its colour from a dark rusty brown colour at sunrise to blood-red as the sun sets. You’ll be fishing for your breath thereafter, that’s a guarantee!

Stonehenge, England

The aura of mystery is only intensified during the sunset around the enigmatic Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument. Add it to your travel bucket list immediately!

So, which sunset view will you catch first? 
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